Drama Board 2019-2020

Thank you so much to everyone who applied! It was an extremely hard decision that we took careful time in discussing. We appreciate your patience in waiting for the results! Congratulations to Drama Board 2019-2020

President: Lianna Cow

VP Activity: Grace Temblador

VP Treasury: Jimmy Hernandez

VP Publicity: Cameron LaFreniere

Taming of the Shrew Cast Lists

Director: Kiley  Assistant Director: Jaycee

Kate: Lianna

Bianca: Cailhann

Petruchio: Ethan

Lucentio: Sam

Hortensio: Cameron

Baptista: Reeza

Tranio: Lauren

Biondello: Atom

Gremio/Grumio/Servant: Caroline

Lights/Sound: Maggie & Jack

Costumes: Grace & Lianna

Props/Sets: Olivia & Caroline

Hair/ MU: Lan Anh & Reeza

Director: Jeffery  Assistant Director: Reilly

Kate: Brighid

Bianca: Gabriela

Petruchio: Jimmy

Lucentio: Justin

Hortensio: Eve

Baptista: Nilsa

Tranio: Noah

Biondello: Hanna

Gremio/Grumio/Servant: Kira

Lights/Sound: Stephanie & Kaelyn

Costumes: Grace & Lianna

Props/Sets: Alyce & Chelsea

Hair/ MU: Lan Anh & Reeza


All are welcome to audition for the Advanced Drama & Technical Theatre, Period 4 Class.

Tuesday, May 7


in the RBHS PAC

ACTORS:  Prepare a 1-minute monologue.

TECHNICIANS:  Prepare for a brief interview about your related experience & interests.

*Fill out your audition application, here:  https://bit.ly/broncoplayers


Peter Pan Cast Announcement

Thank you for your impressive performances at the auditions and callbacks.  You should all be very proud of your hard work and talents.  Congratulations to the students cast in the show and thus enrolled in the 4th period Theatre Performance Class! Rehearsals begin January 22.  Details to follow.

PETER PAN Camryn LaFreniere
WENDY Jaycee Nichol
SMEE Jeffrey Atterbury
MRS. DARLING Gabriela Alter
MR. DARLING Reilly Hutchison
TIGER LILY Cailhann Khong
JOHN Jimmy Hernandez
MICHAEL Sam Statler
TOOTLES Jack Boyce
NIBS Dallin Dunn
TWIN 1 Hanna Hagshenas
TWIN 2 Reeza Abadi
CURLY Maggie Smith
STARKEY Ethan Lopez
CECCO Justin Yap
NOODLER Reilly Hutchison
JUKES Justin Yap
MULLINS Lauren Montanez
1ST BRAVE Kaelyn Etherton
LIZA Caroline Pike
JANE Lianna Cow
ENSEMBLE Gabriela Alter
Kira Contreras
Kaelyn Etherton
Lianna Cow
Amy Rabello
Lan Anh Vu
Brighid Ganley

Almost, Maine – Cast List


Pete: Jimmy

Ginette: Lauren

Her Heart

East: Ethan

Glory: Camryn

Sad and Glad

Jimmy: Matthew

Sandrine: Isabel

Waitress: Gabriela

This Hurts

Steve: Devon

Marvalyn: Cailhann

Getting It Back

Lendall: Reilly

Gayle: Hanna

They Fell

Deena: Caroline

Shelly: Reeza

Where It Went

Phil: Jeffrey

Marci: Gabriela

Story of Hope

Man: Justin

Hope: Lianna

Suzette: TBD

Seeing the Thing

Dave: Sam

Rhonda: Eve

Ensemble: Garrett

Theatre Study and Performance Fall 2018

Thank you to all who auditioned. Remember, being enrolled in the class does not guarantee you a role in the play. This will require an additional audition and may be an after school program in which anyone can audition. Details will follow once we have the new teacher in place.

Reeza Abadi

Gabriela Alter

Jeffrey Atterbury

Devon Channell

Hanna Hagshenas

Eve Helbock

Isabel Hernandez

Jimmy Hernandez

Reilly Hutchison

Cailhann Khong

Matthew Knight

Camryn LaFreniere

Zachary Lemly

Ethan Lopez

Garrett Macleod

Lauren Montanez

Caroline Pike

Chelsea Rogers

Michayla Shields

Sam Slater

Kiley Velasquez

Olivia Wieker

Justin Yap


2018/2019 Drama Board

Hi everyone! We want to thank all of you who applied for board this year. This is the toughest decision we have had to make thus far and so many of you are more than qualified. We understand it may be upsetting and if you are eligible we strongly recommend applying next year. If you have any questions at all you can contact Rogie! With all of that being said, congratulations to the 2018-2019 Drama Board! We are so excited to see what you all will accomplish within the next year!

President- Kiley Velasquez 

VP of Finance- Caroline Pike

VP of Communication- Olivia Wieker  

VP of Productions- Jimmy Hernandez