For those interested in joining the advanced class as an actor or technician, joining the improv team, or volunteering before or during shows, please click here to fill out an interest form and we will be in touch!

Virtual Applications

For the Advanced Theatre Study and Performance Class:

Actors and Technicians, please click here to fill out the application form.  The application will ask you to submit a brief video introducing yourself and explaining why you want to be in the Advanced Theatre class. Be creative, follow the guidelines below, and have fun! Please keep videos under 1-minute.  *Actors, please also perform a 30-second monologue. 

Filming Guidelines

Pre-Recording Checklist:

  1. Find a quiet place to record.
  2. Avoid recording in areas with dim lighting or bright lights behind you. Make sure we can see you!
  3. Place your camera (phone or computer) on a steady surface (such as a table or shelf) AND at eye-level (or as close to that as possible).
    1. Do not hold your phone and move around while you record. This is not social media or FaceTime.
    2. Do not place your camera on the floor, looking up at you. We won’t be able to see your face.
  4. Sit or stand so that your face can clearly be seen within the camera frame.
    1. For monologues, do not sit down. Instead, stand and make sure we can see your entire body, from the knees up.

In Your Video:

  1. Slate your full name. 
    1. “Hello, my name is Allison Meriwether.”
  2. Introduce Yourself:
    1. Tell us what grade you are in, about your background in theatre, why you want to be in the class, a fun fact about yourself, or anything you want!
  3. Monologues (Actors Only):  
    1. Tell us the name of the play, the playwright, and the character you will be playing.
    2. Example:  “I will be performing a monologue from the play, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown by Clark Gesner. I will be playing the part of Lucy.”
  4. Sound Design: 
    1. Present each project idea. 
    2. Explain and share visuals and sound clips from each.
  5. After your presentation, say “Thank You” before ending the recording. 

Post-Recording Checklist:

  • I spoke clearly and you can hear my voice.
  • I answered the question and stayed on topic.
  • You can clearly see me in the video, as directed.
  • I watched my video to check for mistakes and re-recorded if I needed to.
  • Please make sure that your video can be viewed by anyone with the link. If you are unsure how to do this, please watch this video or read this article.
  • *You may email us a link to your website or YouTube video, which includes your headshot, resume, and application/audition video. Please email:

Thank you!