Guys & Dolls: Cast and Crew

Congrats to the Cast and Crew of Guys & Dolls.  The show dates are April 1-4 @ 7pm and April 4 @ 1pm in the Performing Arts Center at Rancho Bernardo High School.  Tickets will be available in March.


Nathan DetroitEthan L

Miss Adelaide – Brighid G

Sky MastersonHarshawn R

Sarah BrownLianna C

Nicely-NicelyJoel L

Benny Southstreet  – Patrick A

Big JuleJonathan K

Harry The HorseJimmy H

Lt. BranniganEve H

Arvide AbernathyNina G

General MatildaKira C

AgathaMegan B

CalvinPolly F

Martha  Grace L

Liver Lips Louie – Sarah O

Angie The Ox  – Sam F

Rusty Charlie – Sam S

Crap Shooters Ensemble: Yoshua H, Julianne C, Armin Z, Olivia S, Kailee C

Hot Box Girls Ensemble: Cailhann K, Vianna P, Luna B, Polly F, Megan B, Sarah R, Eve H, Grace L

Ensemble: Alex B, Nina S, Kaylana B, Kira C



Nathan DetroitJimmy H

Miss AdelaideEve H

Sky MastersonSam S

Sarah BrownMegan B

Harry The HorseArmin Z

Rusty Charlie – Sarah O

Lt. Brannigan – Julianne C



Stage Manager – Lan Anh V

Asst. Stage ManagerChelsea R

2nd Asst. Stage ManagerShyann C

Set Designers – Cailhann K- & Grace T

Costume DesignersGrace T, Lianna C, Grace L

Lighting DesignerStevie S

Sound & Music Designer – Justin M, Yoshua H, Kira C 

Property MasterAlyce G

Technical Dir. –  Jimmy H

Head of Set Crew – Zane F

Set CrewDaniella A, Kianna R, Reid P

Costume Crew: TBD

Props CrewRebecca G, Austin B

Sound Board Operator – TBD

Lighting Board OperatorStevie S

Lighting Crew – Austin B

Spot Light Op. – TBD

ProducersChelsea R, Lan Anh V, Kira C

Publicity Crew – Jimmy H, Justin M, & Brighid G

House ManagerDottie B

Assistant DirectorReilly H

Choreographer – Joel L

Asst. Choreographer – Lan Anh V

Dance Captains – Brighid G, Sam S, Sarah O, Lianna C

Hair & Makeup – Cailhann, Brighid, Kianna


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