Advanced Theatre Study Class – Term 2

Hello Students,

Thank you for auditioning and interviewing to join the Advanced Theatre Study 7/8 class. Below are the students who made the class. Congratulations!  If your name is not below, I encourage you to still volunteer your time on the crew in March and April after school, take one of the other Drama or Tech courses offered, and try again next year! (The cast list for the musical will be announced in January.)


  • Patrick A
  • Dottie B
  • Megan B
  • Jack B
  • Kira C
  • Lianna C
  • Polly F
  • Sam F
  • Brighid G
  • Armin H
  • Yoshua H
  • Eve H
  • Jimmy H
  • Reilly H
  • Cailhann K
  • Nicole K
  • Jonathan K
  • Cameron L
  • Ethan L
  • Grace L
  • Justin M
  • Sarah O
  • Reid P
  • Vianna P
  • Harshawn R
  • Sarah R
  • Olivian S
  • Sam S
  • Nina S


  • Daniella A 
  • Kaeli A
  • Reiden B
  • Austin B
  • Shyann C
  • Zane F
  • Nina G
  • Alyce G
  • Stephanie S
  • Justin Y
  • Lan Anh V
  • Chelsea R
  • Grace T
  • Rebecca G




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