One Acts 2018 Cast Lists

Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned this year! We are so excited to put on this amazing festival on April 4th and 5th! Actors your directors will be in contact with you very shortly to set up a meeting with all of you!

Law and Disorder by Evelyn 

Narrator- Shawn

Judge- Nilsa

Welsh- Ryan

Stewart- Reese

Witness 1- Cailhann

Catherine- Tara

Ashley- Hanna H

Translator- Rielly

Franceica- Evelyn

Nick- Josh

The Bluebell Wedding by Caroline Pike

Sue- Olivia

Wynona- Nilsa

Dixie- Hanna

Brooke- Isabel

Magnolia- Alexis

Janet- Rachel

Others: Tara, Cailhann, Kia, Gaby, Matthew, Ryan

Escaping Project V by Jeffrey Atterbury

Kremmer: Garrett

Sarah: Zoey

Captain: Matthew

Kalemesh: Jeffrey

Useless: Ryan

Alice: Trinity

Queen of Hearts: Hanna

Cecil and the Legend of the 1 Gazillion Piece Puzzle by Ethan Lopez

Narrator: Isabel

Cecil: Ethan

Cecil’s Wife: Harmon

Bossman: Kia

Bobby: Harshawn

Cops by Harmon Crowe

Narrator: Garret

Shields: Harmon

Bummer: Reilly

Doc: Reese

Jacked: Nick

Crazy Stupid Girls by Kailey Lyche

Pearl: Rachel

Ernie: Jimmy

Ruby: Trinity

Walter: Kia

Opal: Zoe

Floyd: Josh

Daria Levchenko’s One Act

Narrator: Daria

Juliette: Gaby

Dennis: Harshawn

Maurice: Matthew

Charlie: Josh

Nate: Jimmy

Waitress: Alexis

Lily: Olivia



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