One Acts 2018: Rules and Requirements

We are looking forward to putting on another great One Acts Festival! It is only possible if we get plenty student participation (minimum of 6 submissions for the show to go on!) This is a great way to get creative and tell a story so please spread the word and submit plays! Feel free to contact us with any further questions. Here are a list of rules/ requirements if you are interested in writing a one act:

  • COMPLETELY student written, they can be collaborative as long as all writers are students.
  • Minimal use of set and technical effects. There is no guaranteed time in the PAC to set it up so be aware
  • Focus on conveying your story without having to use heavy effects
  • Writers must be available March 1st to cast their plays
  • It is up to the writers to coordinate rehearsal times and locations so please only submit if you can put in the time
  •  MAX of 10 pages per script
  • Submit a digital copy to or a physical copy to any club officer by February 26

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