Alice in Wonderland Cast List

Alice: Alexis

White Rabbit: Jimmy

Queen of Hearts: Michayla

Mouse: Camryn*

Caterpillar: Devon

Frog Footman: Matthew*

Duchess: Rachel*

Cook: Cailhann*

Dormouse: Daria

March Hare: Hanna

Mad Hatter: Gaby

Gryphon: Myles

Mock Turtle: Lesley

King of Hearts: Jim

Knave of Hearts: Reese*

Red Queen: Nicole

White Queen: Kailey

Tweedledee: Caroline

Tweedledum: Reilly

Humpty Dumpty: Jeffrey

Cheshire Cat: Isabel

2 of Spades: Alyssa*

5 of Spades: Savannah*

7 of Spades: McKayla*


*Indicates the possibility of an additional role




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