One Acts Cast List 2017

Thank you to everyone that auditioned! Congratulations to our 2017 Writer’s Block One Act Festival Casts!!

“Requiem For a Show” Directed by: Chloe Novet

Host- Bella Noles

Jake- Jim Kang

Crew-Reilly Hutchison

Wife- Shanna Mishra

Clown- Ryan Connolly

Police Officer #1- Paywand Baghal

Police Officer #2- Justin Hernandez

Howard- TBD

“The Date” Directed by: Dominique Langford

Shanna- Savanna Simmons

Charlie- Justin Hernandez

Waiter- Luca Venga

“A Night in Idaho” Directed by: Nicole Lenos, Michayla Shields, Hanna Hagshenas

Mom- Kailey Lyche

Dad- Joel Segraves

Butler- Luca Venga

Friend #1- Caroline Pike

Friend #2- Bella

Bobby- Rilley Hutchison

Natosha- Abbey Serio

Aunt Phebe- Hannah Blackburn

Mom’s Friend- Savannah Simmons

“The Horrible Day of Delila Turner” Directed by: Daria Levchenko

Delila- Savannah Simmons

Sophie- Caroline Pike

Meredith- Kailey Lyche

Mr. Stein- Paywand Baghal

Jacob/Ryan- Brandon Byrne

Mrs. Turner/ Girl #1- Evelyn

Luke- Zade Noman

Girl #2- Shaina Mishra

Stinky Stilton- Myles Davis

“The Scandal at Defense”  Directed by: Suhas Subramaya

Fred- Courtland Ramsey

Surya- Suhas Subramaya

Nanacy- Tara Farrokhi

Spokes Person- Evelyn

Justice Lawyer- Myles Davis

White House Lawyer- Reece Castin

Personal Lawyer- Abbey Serio

“Barnes and Cheaters” Directed by: Tiffany Fowler

Police Officer- Myles Davis

Aspen-  Tiffany Fowler

Aspen Inner- Bex Hirsch

Chad- Zade Noman

Chad Inner- Brandon Byrne

Kay- Savannah Simmons

Mom- Hannah Blackburn

Dad- Joel Segraves

“On This Day” Directed by: Trinity McDevitt & Alexis Rivkin

Chuck- Justin Hernandez

Adam- Reesse Castin

John- Cortland Ramsey

Alexis- Alexis Rivkin

Trinity- Trinity McDevitt

Riley- Bex Hirsch

Spencer- Joel Segraves

Chloe- Taylor Davis

**Bella and Evelyn Please email your personal imformation(Full Name, Personal Phone Number, and Any Conflits that you may have) to**


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