2016 One Acts Cast Lists!

Thank you to everyone who auditioned today! Congratulations to our 2016 Writer’s Block One Act Festival casts!!!

All casts (except “Flip Side”) please meet with your directors tomorrow, 3/30, at LUNCH in Room 804 to get your scripts and rehearsal calendars! “Flip Side” will meet at a later time – your director will contact you with details. 🙂

**Please make sure to look at all lists, as several actors were cast in multiple roles.

“Blackout” Written & Directed by Deijah Martin-Valle

Michael Fitzgerald

Courtland Ramsay

Trinity McDevitt

Lizzy Gravelle

Raymond Velasquez

Lucy Arvizu

Maddy Marnin

Dakota Nank

Victoria Manvelian

Maddy Jacobs

Chris Cadet

Sam Hagshenas

Hanna Hagshenas

Hannah Blackburn

“What the Fresno” Written & Directed by Callum Sydserff

Jay – Chris Cadet

J – Hannah Blackburn

Mr. B – Alexis Rivkin

T – Dakota Nank

Lb – Paywand Baghal

Mrs. B – Amanda Risher

PA – Callum Sydserff


“On the Flip Side: Back for Seconds” Written & Directed by Aaron Tivadar

Scott – Sam Hagshenas

Bennet (Raploard) – Kourosh Amani

A.J. – Michael Fitzgerald

Johnny Tony – Aaron Tivadar

Clean Hustle – Raymond Velasquez

Jessica Tyler – Nicole Lenos

Sabrina Wringles – Victoria Manvelian

Entrouage – Daria Levchenko & Isabel Hernandez


“Never Gonna Give You Up” Written & Directed by Jordan Primrose

Stacy – Kate Hustosky

John – Kaivan Mohsenzadeh

Cory – Joel Segraves

Kaylyn – Sara Ghadimi

Jade – Tiffany Fowler

Stacy’s Mom – Maddy Levesque

Stacy’s Dad – Callum Sydserff


“Teacher’s Lounge” Written & Directed by Taylor Davis

Kate – Mikayla Loquist

Judith – Lucy Arvizu

Principal Schneider – Kenneth Graham Rayburn II

Shelby/Sherri – Trinity McDevitt

Jennifer – Carly Weingartner

Michael – Raymond Velasquez

Coach Collins – Kourosh Amani

Students – Hanna Hagshenas, Caroline Pike, Giselle Hernandez



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