One Acts 2018 Cast Lists

Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned this year! We are so excited to put on this amazing festival on April 4th and 5th! Actors your directors will be in contact with you very shortly to set up a meeting with all of you!

Law and Disorder by Evelyn 

Narrator- Shawn

Judge- Nilsa

Welsh- Ryan

Stewart- Reese

Witness 1- Cailhann

Catherine- Tara

Ashley- Hanna H

Translator- Rielly

Franceica- Evelyn

Nick- Josh

The Bluebell Wedding by Caroline Pike

Sue- Olivia

Wynona- Nilsa

Dixie- Hanna

Brooke- Isabel

Magnolia- Alexis

Janet- Rachel

Others: Tara, Cailhann, Kia, Gaby, Matthew, Ryan

Escaping Project V by Jeffrey Atterbury

Kremmer: Garrett

Sarah: Zoey

Captain: Matthew

Kalemesh: Jeffrey

Useless: Ryan

Alice: Trinity

Queen of Hearts: Hanna

Cecil and the Legend of the 1 Gazillion Piece Puzzle by Ethan Lopez

Narrator: Isabel

Cecil: Ethan

Cecil’s Wife: Harmon

Bossman: Kia

Bobby: Harshawn

Cops by Harmon Crowe

Narrator: Garret

Shields: Harmon

Bummer: Reilly

Doc: Reese

Jacked: Nick

Crazy Stupid Girls by Kailey Lyche

Pearl: Rachel

Ernie: Jimmy

Ruby: Trinity

Walter: Kia

Opal: Zoe

Floyd: Josh

Daria Levchenko’s One Act

Narrator: Daria

Juliette: Gaby

Dennis: Harshawn

Maurice: Matthew

Charlie: Josh

Nate: Jimmy

Waitress: Alexis

Lily: Olivia



Announcement to cast!

Please use the week off to learn, research, and memorize. We have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time when we return.

You’re all awesome! Have a great week!

Mary Poppins Cast

(In order of appearance)

BERT: Roman Saward


WINIFRED BANKS: Alyssa Tivadar

JANE BANKS: Michayla Shields

MICHAEL BANKS: Reilly Hutchison

KATIE NANNA: Kailey Lyche


MISS LARK: Gabriela Alter

ADMIRAL BOOM: Matthew Knight

MRS. BRILL: Alexis Rivkin

ROBERTSON AY: Jimmy Hernandez

MARY POPPINS: Nicole Lenos

PARK KEEPER: Justin Hernandez

NELEUS: Ethan Lopez


BANK CHAIRMAN: Devon Channell-Smith

VON HUSSLER: Jeffrey Atterbury


BIRD WOMAN: Reeza Abadi

MRS. CORRY: Andrea Canales

VALENTINE: Camryn LaFreniere

TEDDY BEAR: Daria Levchenko

PUNCH: Lesley Valenzuela

DOLL: Jaycee Nichol

MISS ANDREW: Nilsa Marsh

ENSEMBLE (and possibly in ensemble scenes, depending what is needed, i.e., park strollers, customers, kite flyers, sweeps, toys, statues, etc.):

Reeza Abadi, Gabriela Alter, Jeffrey Atterbury, Andrea Canales, Devon Channell-Smith, Tara Farrokhi, Hanna Hagshenas, Justin Hernandez, Matthew Knight, Camryn LaFreniere, Rachel Leete, Daria Levchenko, Ethan Lopez, Kailey Lyche, Nilsa Marsh, Jaycee Nichol, Josh North, Caroline Pike, Paxti Rizzo, McKayla Roberts, Lesley Valenzuela,

One Acts 2018: Rules and Requirements

We are looking forward to putting on another great One Acts Festival! It is only possible if we get plenty student participation (minimum of 6 submissions for the show to go on!) This is a great way to get creative and tell a story so please spread the word and submit plays! Feel free to contact us with any further questions. Here are a list of rules/ requirements if you are interested in writing a one act:

  • COMPLETELY student written, they can be collaborative as long as all writers are students.
  • Minimal use of set and technical effects. There is no guaranteed time in the PAC to set it up so be aware
  • Focus on conveying your story without having to use heavy effects
  • Writers must be available March 1st to cast their plays
  • It is up to the writers to coordinate rehearsal times and locations so please only submit if you can put in the time
  •  MAX of 10 pages per script
  • Submit a digital copy to or a physical copy to any club officer by February 26

Alice in Wonderland Cast List

Alice: Alexis

White Rabbit: Jimmy

Queen of Hearts: Michayla

Mouse: Camryn*

Caterpillar: Devon

Frog Footman: Matthew*

Duchess: Rachel*

Cook: Cailhann*

Dormouse: Daria

March Hare: Hanna

Mad Hatter: Gaby

Gryphon: Myles

Mock Turtle: Lesley

King of Hearts: Jim

Knave of Hearts: Reese*

Red Queen: Nicole

White Queen: Kailey

Tweedledee: Caroline

Tweedledum: Reilly

Humpty Dumpty: Jeffrey

Cheshire Cat: Isabel

2 of Spades: Alyssa*

5 of Spades: Savannah*

7 of Spades: McKayla*


*Indicates the possibility of an additional role



Bronco Players Improv Team 2017-2018

We want to thank everyone so much for trying out today! You all did such a wonderful job, and we had to make some extremely tough decisions being that over 65 people tried out! Please don’t be discouraged if you did not make it as there will be some other opportunities to pursue Improv through Drama Club. Come find us at Club Rush to get more information on that! Lastly, we want to congratulate all of the new members of the 2017-2018 Bronco Players Improv team!

Bella Franchina

Justin Hernandez

Drew Hobscheid

Alex Hopp

Nicole Lenos

Trinity McDevitt

Nick Newton

Zade Noman

Harshawn Ratanpal

Scott Redman

Alexis Rivkin

Brooke Tyler

Theatre Study and Performance, Fall 2017

I would like to thank and applaud everyone who auditioned. I wish I could put everyone in the class; you are all very talented. Unfortunately, I have to limit the numbers, and I had to make some very tough decisions. Please don’t be discouraged if you are not enrolled for the Fall Term. Please try again for the Spring Term and/or the following year. Thank you for your interest and for making my job difficult 🙂

Gabriela Alter
Jeffrey Atterbury
Reese Castin
Devon Channell-Smith
Myles Davis
Tiffany Fowler
Hanna Hagshenas
Isabel Hernandez
Jimmy Hernandez
Reilly Hutchison
Jacqueline Jones
Jim Kang
Matthew Knight
Cailhann Khong
Camryn LaFreniere
Nicole Lenos
Rachel Leete
Daria Levchenko
Kailey Lyche
Trinity McDevitt
Caroline Pike
Alexis Rivkin
McKayla Roberts
Michayla Shields
Savannah Simmons
Alyssa Tivadar
Lesley Valenzuela

Kiley Velasquez
Chloe Rhodes
Mariah Salvadori
Chelsea Rogers
Sydney Esquivel
Lucas Carlisle

The class will be 4th Period, with additional after school rehearsal time as well. Please let me know immediately if aren’t able to fit it in your schedule.

Drama Club Officers 2017-2018

Thank you so much to every single person who applied and have put so much work into this wonderful program! After careful review of the applications, we would like to congratulate our new Drama Officers for the 2017-2018 school year!


President: Alexis Rivkin

VP Finances: Michayla Shields

VP Communications: Alyssa Tivadar

VP Productions: Kiley Velasquez

Drama Club Board Application 2017-2018

Here we are again! It’s time to elect a new drama board for the 2017-2018 school year. Check out the descriptions of each position below and click the link to apply! The deadline to apply is Friday, April 28th. Results will be posted here!

Drama Club Board Positions:


Plans Drama Club meeting agendas and runs meetings; Acts as webmaster; Organizes Drama Club events (craft days, social gatherings, etc.); Responsible for updating Drama Club Constitution; Liaison with RBHS ASB; Takes meeting minutes

VP Finance

Keeps track of budget (expenditures & deposits); Plans and organizes fundraisers; Collects and organizes money for merchandise sales (t-shirts, etc.); Plans & organizes trips (with advisor) and trip activities (i.e. Fullerton scavenger hunt)

VP Communications

Runs all RBBP social media; Sends weekly email updates to Drama Club members; Operates mass texting service for updates/reminders; Organizes and executes advertising for all shows and events

VP Productions

Organizes crews for all RBBP shows (Fall Play, A Very Bronco Holiday, Spring Musical, One-Acts, Improv Shows); Plans and organizes One-Acts Festival – script submissions, auditions, crew, stage manager, etc.